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How we baked a marijuana apple pie for the Denver County Fair

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But then we heard that the fair was having trouble attracting entries for its edibles competition. We took the news as a challenge: We were going to take home a blue ribbon by giving the judges the best (and possibly only) pot pastry they had ever tasted. Affirming our choice, our boss agreed to cover the entry fee.

Deciding what to make was easy. The county fair is an institution in this country, a symbol of bucolic, family-friendly Americana, and now Denver's fair was welcoming legal marijuana into its tent. What better way to celebrate than with a pot-infused version of that most American of desserts, apple pie?

Our marijuana intern and a few friends agreed to help us with our project. Finding someone who actually knew how to make an apple pot pie was tougher. Pot editor Amber Taufen seemed skeptical that we'd be able to give the judges the buzz they were looking for, noting that apple pies don't have much butter in them, and most of that is in the crust.

At Westword, however, every cannabis-related problem has a solution. A co-worker who overheard our plans introduced us to his partner, a master marijuana baker. She had made pot-infused apple pie before and was more than happy to offer us advice. Besides counseling us to clarify the butter before we infused it (less chance of scorching it), she steered us toward making a Dutch-style pie, since we'd be able to pack more THC into its buttery crust. Besides, she reminded us, this was a cooking contest -- and Dutch apple pie is just tastier.

All good pot pies start with good weed, and we found ours at High Level Health, conveniently located a block from the Westword office. We picked a quarter-ounce of Sour OG, which the budtender described as "that classic high-school high." Ground up, it almost filled a large pill bottle. It was a lot of chronic for two pounds of butter, but better to be safe than sorry (or in our case, sober).

Read on to find out how our baking experiment went, and watch a video on how to make our apple pot pie yourself.
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