Reader: It Takes Big Huevos to Open Another Taco Spot in Denver
Mark Antonation

Reader: It Takes Big Huevos to Open Another Taco Spot in Denver

Denver diners love breakfast and brunch, but they lost one popular option when Morning Collective closed last month. Owner Zack Stock had a plan, though: He replaced Morning Collective with Huevos Tacos, an all-day taco joint that debuted in the space at 2160 South Broadway this week. The hours are much longer, but the place still offers some of Morning Collective's most popular dishes.

But what caught our readers' attention was the emphasis on tacos...and two other things.

Says Hugh: 

I enjoy how the bull has a pretty big set of balls on him.

Adds David: 

Another taco place? No bueno!

 Responds JeNnilla: 

More $ less work in tacos.

Asks JP: 

Hmm. Who are the owners and will they serve real Texas breakfast tacos? Carne quisada, chorizo and egg, migas and the mother of all breakfast tacos, barbacoa (cow's head)? Or is this another white appropriation of something I grew up with and won’t be done right and overpriced mediocre breakfast tacos at best? I guess I’ll have to try it and see what they are about. Fingers crossed ????

Replies Pat: 

The best taco spots are the hidden gems that are thankfully never featured on here. $4+ for 1 taco?

 Gilbert notes: 

Says "we’re not a Mexican restaurant," serves tacos, names it with a name in Spanish. Six months later...on Denver Restaurants closings and openings.

 Suggests Gordon:

Instead of changing concepts, I would have expanded the kitchen, line and simplified the old menu. Food was great but so damn slow.

 Notes Nancy:

Now I understand why it closed. Hope the new concept works, but the 'hood still needs good brunch lunch place...maybe we actually just need a good restaurant in general.

Concludes Joe: 

The owner is going to need huevos as big as the ones on his bull to make this work.

 Keep reading for more on Huevos Tacos.

Reader: It Takes Big Huevos to Open Another Taco Spot in Denver (2)
Mark Antonation

"Morning Collective Owner Opens New All-Day Taco Concept Today"

"We're not trying to be a Mexican restaurant," Zack Stock, owner of Huevos Tacos, told Mark Antonation as he explained the concept switch. "There are plenty of great Mexican places in town doing great food, and we don't want to take anything away from them."

Instead of serving tacos that imitate those places, Stock is serving tacos on locally made flour tortillas that have all been altered in some way. "There's definitely a little magic going on there," he says.

The tiny kitchen in the space helped inspire the switch to tacos. Stock also changed to counter service. But some things haven't changed.

Fans of Morning Collective, of which there were many, will be happy to know that the breakfast eatery's eggs Benedicts, housemade tots and several signature cocktails have been kept at Huevos Tacos. So have the early hours: Huevos Tacos opens at 7 a.m.

What do you think of Morning Collective closing? Will you try Huevos Tacos? Post a comment or email cafe@westword.com.

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