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Humble Pie Shop Is Closing Late This Month to Expand to New Location

The Humble Pie Store has burst its boundaries. Fortunately, there's no hot filling spilling into the streets -- just good news for Denver's favorite pie shop. Humble Pie will be shuttering its bakery in Baker and moving out on September 21 in order to open up a brand-new location in early 2015. "It's actually for one of the most -- excuse the pun -- humble reasons. We have outgrown our space," says manager James Sueling. See also: Mercantile Dining & Provision to Open Monday in Union Station

Humble Pie opened in 2012 on the heels of the pie trend of 2011. But even as pie frenzy has cooled off, Humble has seen steady business. Now the owners want to expand on their confection capital by creating a bigger and better space. "We just need more room for every aspect. In the new location, we'll have an expanded menu, even more seating, and more room to be us," Sueling says.

As for that expanded menu, Humble Pie is looking to do more of what works. "We're working on expanded versions of our quiches, so adding additional flavors and creating different-sized quiches," Sueling says. "And creating hand pies, as well as just offering more variety on a day-to-day basis to customers. Right now we're doing two flavors of quiche, two flavors of pot pie and five flavors of sweet. We want to triple that in the new space."

A new tenant is already slated to move in to the Baker space, but the identity of that restaurant is being kept under wraps. Similarly secret is the new location where Humble Pie will be opening next year. But Sueling assures us that Humble Pie will still be filling orders for Thanksgiving and Christmas pies, as well as special orders.

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