Hummus recipe for snacking and full meals on Meatless Monday

No one's saying you have to go meatless just because it's Monday -- but as incentive to join the growing movement, every week we're offering an animal-free recipe.

Hummus is awesome. It's one of those versatile spreads that can work on bagels for breakfast, in sandwiches for lunch, or with carrots or pita bread for a quick snack. (Honestly, we've never regretted putting hummus on anything.) And when you make your own hummus, you can make it just the way you like it: with the perfect consistency and flavor for your palate.

This basic recipe is meant to be modified to your taste. Too thick? Add more water or olive oil. Want a little more a kick? Add more cayenne. Experiment to get your perfect mixture.

You will need:

Two cans of garbanzo beans One or two green onions 1/3 cup tahini 1/3 cup olive oil 1 lemon 2 cloves garlic Cumin to taste Cayenne pepper to taste

1. Cut the onions into one-inch strips and peel the garlic. 2. Place the onion and garlic in a food processor and mix until well-chopped. Add the tahini, olive oil and juice from the lemon. 3. Drain the chickpeas in a colander. Add the drained chickpeas to the food processor. 4. Sprinkle in a couple of teaspoons of cumin and cayenne pepper. Blend, taste and adjust the olive oil, cumin and cayenne as needed.

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