Hush could reopen in Cherry Creek -- but first it needs to survive today's liquor-license hearing

Restaurants have a tough time making a go of basement space, and the 250 Steele Street address has been a particularly black hole. Although Bistro Adde Brewster had a long run there, the spot has since swallowed up French 250 and a couple of Mexican joints on one side (Ondo's has somehow managed to survive there); first Sketch and then Tambien on the other.

Clubs have better luck in subterranean spots, which is why Michael Olsen, who opened the original Hush in Larimer Square close to a decade ago, wants to resurrect the concept -- with an older, more upscale clientele -- at a new version of Hush nightclub in the former home of Tambien at 250 Steele.

Olsen has some strong support in this: Mark Berzins, of the nineteen-saloon strong Little Pub group, is a partner in the venture. Berzins had heard the space was available, and though it wasn't conducive to a Little Pub-like venture, he thought it might work for Olsen, and people who've moved on from the younger clubs of LoDo to Cherry Creek. "It would be pretty sweet to have a place to dance," Berzins says. Little Pub would also do some of the office work for the club --- if this new Hush gets off the ground, that is.

While Olsen has strong support, he also has strong opposition. "I live right behind where this place is going to be," writes one critic. "Somehow the ideas of cops carrying loaded weapons to control the customers doesn't give me a lot of confidence in what is going to come."

Opponents and supporters alike should be out in force at 9 a.m. today when Olsen has his liquor-license hearing at the Department of Excise and Licenses at the Wellington E. Webb building.


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