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I can only hope you get some 'Yes Pecan'

Through January, Ben and Jerry's is offering a promotional flavor at participating 'Scoop Shops' around the country. Yes Pecan is billed as "an Inspirational blend! Amber waves of buttery ice cream with roasted non-partisan pecans."

Not only a good play on words, Yes Pecan is also a do-gooder. Most of the proceeds from the sale of this flavor will be going to Common Cause Educational Fund, a nonprofit that helps makes citizens' voices heard in the political process. 

This isn't the first time Ben and Jerry's has done a politically charged ice cream. "We are very involved in a bipartisan way," says spokeswoman Liz Brenna. "We try to get other people inolved. Two years ago, we did the American Pie campaign, which showed where the government was spending money."

Will this new flavor help spread the wealth? Yes Pecan!


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Tyler Nemkov
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