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I Want Candy: Introducing the Candy Girls

If you've got a sweet tooth, you've come to the right place. Welcome to Candy Girls, where we, your faithful candy enthusiasts, Aubrey and Liz, will review a new sweet treat every Friday. We'll be on the lookout for oddball delectables, out-of-the-ordinary confections, and all those bizarre sweets you always see but hesitate to buy. In addition to checking out mainstream goods, we'll also be scouring Denver to test what local candy-makers and chocolatiers have to offer the Mile High City and surrounding areas.

We're hoping all this gorging on behalf of our candy-loving readers won't have to lead to "Stomach Crunches Wednesday" or "Jog Around the Office Monday" blog posts. Because who wants to read those?

We will be rating thusly:

1. Inedible 2. Not awful, but not worth your $1 3. Mediocre--a lazy attempt at deliciousness 4. Yummy 5. Oh my god, do these come in bulk?

Now that you're primed and ready to go, let's have at our first candy!

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