If you're underage, DPD warns against conceal-carry alcohol

You know the annual University of Colorado/Colorado State University drunkfest, er, football match at Invesco Field is upon us if downtown restaurants are expanding their hours -- Dixons, at 1610 16th Street, will be opening at 7 a.m. tomorrow, rather than its usual 8 a.m. -- to accommodate the crowds, and the Denver Police Department is sending out a reminder on underage drinking laws.

For the record, if you have alcohol in your body, the DPD considers that "possession."


The Denver Police Department continues to actively enforce underage drinking laws in the City and County of Denver. The "Enforcement of Underage Drinking Laws" grant was awarded by the Liquor Enforcement Division of the Colorado Department of Revenue to the Denver Police Department and the Denver Office of Drug Strategy this year. The grant funds both uniformed and undercover operations with the specific goal of enforcing underage drinking laws. Enforcement teams were at a recent concert event, issued over 30 citations for minors in possession of alcohol, and cited several adults for providing alcohol to minors. This weekend, Denver Police Officers and Officers from the State of Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division will be partnering to address underage drinking at the CU vs. CSU football game. Officers will be issuing citations to minors (anyone under 21) in possession of alcohol and to any adults found giving alcohol to minors. ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 21 SHOULD NOTE THAT IF YOU HAVE ALCOHOL IN YOUR SYSTEM YOU ARE TECHNICALLY "IN POSSESSION." This means that anyone under the age of 21 who drinks alcohol off-site and then attends the event may be cited for minor in possession of alcohol as well as those minors who bring alcohol with them. In large number of cases of violent crime, alcohol is involved. The Denver Police Department is committed to providing a safe environment for its residents as well as its visitors during this much anticipated football event. We encourage everyone to act responsibly with respect to alcohol and underage persons.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.