Il Vicino will attempt to get a liquor license in Wash Park where Brown Dog Pizza failed

Remember all the snarling and snapping that surrounded Brown Dog Pizza, the Telluride-based pizzeria that attempted to open a second outpost on South Gaylord Street, but laid down. rolled over and eventually limped away whimpering when its liquor license was denied, thanks to the pit bull tactics of the South Gaylord Neighborhood Association?

That all went down in July, and for the past several months, the space at 1001 South Gaylord Street has sat vacant with a "For Lease" sign strapped to its fence. But now there's a new liquor license application sign facing the street, which is no doubt incensing the same tribe of naysayers who successfully shoved a bone down the throats of Brown Dog. And Mike Schneider, a Wash Park resident and lawyer who led the efforts to ensure that Brown Dog couldn't pour liquor, wine, or beer -- he suggested that the parcel of land become a car-share program -- is undoubtedly howling at the mere thought of another restaurant on the block with gasp -- alcohol.

Nonetheless, Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza, a New Mexico-based pizza chain with one Denver location at 550 Broadway, is going to give Schneider and his brethren another fight, because the chain is planning to open its second location in the same space where Brown Dog was denied access. The hearing, slated for 9 a.m. on December 28 at the Wellington Webb building, will determine whether Il Vicino can pour beer and wine -- not spirits.

Will that single change make a difference to the vocal mouthpieces of the South Gaylord Neighborhood Association? District 6 councilman Charlie Brown is holding out hope. "I think it will get approved," he predicts. We'll be watching. And waiting.

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Lori Midson
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