Illegal Pete's set to open on South Broadway this month

While last month Broadway lost three restaurants just a few blocks up the street, other spots are quickly filling the gaps. Pie Hole just opened at 44 South Broadway, and the

Illegal Pete's

going into an old auto-repair shop at 270 South Broadway is working fast to finish the homegrown chain's third spot in Denver. Although the project looks far from finished, the website is already announcing an opening date of Thursday, June 27, with a grand opening on July 13.

And in the meantime, this location is hiring. See also: - Reader: A bummer to have another empty spot on Broadway - Illegal Pete's is heading to South Broadway - Pie Hole gives Broadway another pizza the action

Here's the word on the Illegal Pete's website:

Illegal Pete's is working on opening up our 6th location on South Broadway. We will be hiring a number of positions. Interested? Just click Ned Stark and fill out an online application. Thanks.

Armed with an English degree. Pete Turner opened the first Illegal Pete's in August 1995 on the Hill in Boulder. His inspiration came from the Mission District of San Francisco -- the same spot that inspired Steve Ells when he'd opened the original Chipotle three years earlier. "The style of food was a revelation to me -- with the fresh grilled meats and freshly prepared sauces as well as just the hand-held, portable style of the food," Turner says on the Illegal Pete's website. "I thought to myself 'if I had this food in Boulder on The Hill when I went to school I would have eaten there all the time,' so I pursued it."

Food isn't the only draw at Illegal Pete's, of course. There's also the company's dedication to the music scene, with free live shows at the stores -- and also the "starving artist" program, a partnership with Suburban Home Records that feeds weary bands on the road. And since the South Broadway location got not just a liquor license but a cabaret license, you can count on shows at this spot, too.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.