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Reader: In-N-Out Will Beat Shake Shack in the Battle for Burger Fans

Danielle Lirette
Shake Shack will open at 30th and Larimer streets this spring, and Denver got an advance taste of Danny Meyer's New York City marvel at a Shack Shack pop-up at the Source this past weekend, when fans lined up for hours. But another long-craved burger behemoth is coming to Colorado soon, and at least one reader predicts a major smackdown when In-N-Out arrives in this state.

Says Hillary:
In-N-Out will take a big bite out of Shake Shack, and win the battle for Colorado burger fans. I'll take California sunshine and animal sauce over New York City hype any day.
Wonders Ryan: 
Who waits hours in line for a burger? Get a hobby.
Responds Nicholson
It was worth the wait. I’m still basking in the glow from my Shake Shack Burger ????
Concludes Aaron: 
New Denver is full of shenanigans and malarkey. Too much opioids, not enough blue collar.
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Danielle Lirette
"Burger Madness Hit the Source With Shake Shack Pop-Up"

Lindsey Bartlett
"Holy Animal Sauce! In-N-Out Burger Coming to Colorado"

Danielle Lirette
"Denver's Ten Best Imported Chain Restaurants"

Even before the first burgers were served at the Shake Shack pop-up, the company announced that another location will be opening this summer. While the first will be in hip RiNo, right by Finn's Manor, the second Shake Shack will be in Highlands Ranch, closer to where the first Colorado In-N-Out is likely to land.

This past November, Westside Investment Partners, developer of the Victory Ridge project in Colorado Springs, announced that the California burger company would build an "In-N-Out Burger distribution facility and office building on a 22.4-acre parcel to support future growth in Colorado." That growth is likely to land an In-N-Out in Denver before long.

Would you rather see an In-N-Out or a Shake Shack in Denver? Or is the Mile High City big enough for both of them? Post your thoughts in a comment, or email [email protected]

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