In search of Denver's best cupcakes: A photo diary of one man's journey

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By Ryan DeWitt

Gigi's Cupcakes 550 Grant Street; 303-777-0698 Score: 9/10 Price: $3

I think they misspelled the name of this place. It should be called Giddy's Cupcakes. Just thinking about this cupcake is making me giddy (not to mention salivate). The Italian cream cake was the highlight of my day, thanks to its uber-moist vanilla cake and perfectly weighted cream cheese frosting with coconut.

Happy Cakes 3434 West 32nd Avenue; 303-477-3556 Score: 10! Price: $2.75

As a man, is it alright if I'm infatuated with a cupcake called the Pom Pom? Here, at this bakery, they take a chocolate cake, top it with vanilla buttercream frosting and then roll it in Trix. Trix! TRIX! I'm in love. Best cupcake in Denver? I think so. It's ineffably amazing. The only problem? It's only available on Friday or Saturday.

D Bar Desserts 1475 East 17th Avenue; 303-861-4710 Score: 9/10 Price: $3.25

Bring out the red carpet for this one. The only red velvet cupcake I allowed myself to eat was at D Bar -- and whoa! What a phenomenal idea that was. The cupcake was so impossibly light and fluffy, even while being filled and topped with cheesecake. How'd they do that?

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