Is Bobby Fitzgerald the nation's top griller?

A couple months back, Bobby Fitzgerald -- ex of Cherry Creek Grill, currently exec at the White Chocolate Grill at Park Meadows -- brought honor to his home state by kicking ass and taking names in the oddest of possible locations: on LIVE! With Regis and Kelly.  He and his recipe for grilled citrus soy glazed salmon won best seafood recipe during the show's Ultimate Hometown Grill-Off.

But now, Fitzgerald is on the block again because Regis and Kelly are trying to choose one overall winner for the competition -- one man to be named the Ultimate Hometown Griller.  And in the spirit of democratic action and all-American vote-rigging, you can help him out by going to the website for Regis and Kelly and voting for Fitzgerald once again.  Matter of fact, you can vote for him several times if you like.  And if he wins, what does he get?

Well, he gets a big-ass Weber grill (not sure why he'd need one of those exactly--I mean, he already has an entire outfitted kitchen at White Chocolate Grill), a grill set (I'm pretty sure the man already has all the tongs and barbecue forks he needs), a cookbook (just what every working chef needs!) and an appearance in an upcoming issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine (no small potatoes).

Oh, and if grilled fish isn't your thing (or, like me, you're just a little bit grossed out by a restaurant named White Chocolate Grill), there's also another Colorado guy competing in this year's contest: Dan Howell from Serious Texas BBQ in Durango.  And his recipe for pulled pork with cherry chipotle salsa looks pretty damned good ...

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