It's Denver Cupcake Week for Lovely Confections Bakery

When the going gets tough, the tough sell cupcakes. Lovely Confections Bakery, located at 1489 Steele Street Unit C, started celebrating Denver Cupcake Week on February 21; it will run through this Friday.

The bakery is marking its first anniversary by offering two cupcakes for $5.280 and one cupcake for $2.640. The deal is limited to two cupcakes per customer, with chocolate, chocolate with vanilla buttercream, vanilla, vanilla with chocolate buttercream and red velvet with cream cheese icing available as flavors.

I called owner Porche Lovely to ask a few questions about the promotion and her place in pastries, which have become very popular in Denver over the last year.

Westword (Tyler Nemkov): So, what got you in to baking?

Porche Lovely: I come from a very long line of really bad cooks and bakers. Sometime in the mid-'80s there was the legendary Christmas where my grandmother decided to microwave -- yes, microwave, the turkey. It was even worse than you could imagine. Unfortunately, this wasn't the only instance, but it was amongst the funniest, especially as my grandfather tried to carve it. At any rate, it became clear that I was alone in my family and I'd need to learn to make/bake on my own. So, basically, I've been cooking and baking since childhood as a matter of self-preservation.

WW: Why did you decide to do this deal?

PL: I thought it would be a fun way to get in on the Denver Restaurant Week program. I'd looked into the requirements for participating in DRW and Lovely Confections didn't exactly fit. So, I thought creating "Denver Cupcake Week" would be a way to be able to join in on the action. I wanted to give a break to my regular customers and also tempt new customers into trying Denver's yummiest cupcakes made with the finest local, organic and natural ingredients.

WW: How did the first year go?

PL: The first year was wonderful! When I opened, people in Denver were getting used to the idea of cupcake bakeries. A year later, they're really getting into cupcakes and business is great. They seem to really enjoy getting together for a cupcake like they used to get together for a cup of coffee. Cupcakes are now popular gifts and part of celebrations, parties and weddings more than ever.

WW: Any special plans for year two?

PL: Sell lots and lots more cupcakes, of course. I've got a few things in the works for the second year. I'm not ready to say exactly what they are right now.

WW: My sweet tooth awaits.

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