It's National Doughnut Day! Get your free doughnut/donut here...

Is the delicacy a "donut" or "doughnut"? The latter spelling is as old as the pastries themselves, while the truncated "donut" spelling seems to lack a certain maturity. But spelled either way, the 'nuts are delicious.

Today, June 1, is National Doughnut Day, an American holiday started by the Salvation Army in 1938 to give mad props to the ladies who served doughnuts to WWI soldiers. And major chain doughnut shops are offering freebies to celebrate.

Not just celebrate, of course, but pack their stores with free-doughnut seekers, and their registers with cash. Because c'mon, who just takes the free one and doesn't get a dozen to go? Or a bag of holes, or at least a latte, since all shops seem to have those now, too.

Local outposts of LaMar's Donuts and Krispy Kreme are all offering a free doughnut per customer, no purchase necessary.

Dunkin' Donuts outposts are giving away free doughnuts, too -- one per customer with purchase of a beverage. Maybe an Iced Black Cocoa Crème Coffee, which pushes the chain's plug in Men in Black 3. It's also added the Undercover Black Cocoa Donut (a star-shaped raised doughnut filled with brownie batter butter creme and topped with chocolate icing and star sprinkles) as well as the Chocolate Lunarmax Donut (a chocolate cake doughnut with chocolate icing and star sprinkles).

Krispy Kreme, which is celebrating its 75th birthday this year, also has two new featured doughnuts: a glazed lemon cake with cream cheese icing and the Key Lime Kreme Pie, a raised donut filled with key lime custard, glazed and topped with graham cracker crumbs.

So there's much to celebrate on National Doughnut Day! So go forth, good readers, and get your free doughnut/donut from your choice of chains* -- or be a drive-happy greed-demon and hit all the stores you can.

*Fair warning: Winchell's Donut House is opting out of any free doughnut deals on National Doughnut Day.

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Jenn Wohletz
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