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Jack Daniel's to roll out honey-flavored whiskey; it's dangerously delicious

Steeped in tradition, Jack Daniel's doesn't debut new liquors often, but the famous Tennessee distillery is rolling out a new whiskey in April: Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey.

We were sent two bottles and quickly went through one. How does it taste? Well, really, actually pretty good. Dangerously good, in fact.

"In every sense of the word, this is a natural," said Jeff Norman, the Jack Daniel's master taster, in a press release issued this week about the new brand. "Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey brings together two complementary tastes in a new way. The quality and character of Tennessee Honey is in keeping with the Jack Daniel's tradition, and we think our friends will be pleasantly surprised with the new offering that has everyone abuzz here in Lynchburg."

Abuzz is right: This sweet brand of whiskey goes down so easily that drunkenness sneaks up on you. There's no warning of the inebriated state that you're about to encounter.

As a whiskey drinker with a blue-collar palate, I can best review the whiskey by saying that it needs no chaser when taking a shot; the sweetness overrides the bitterness of the mash. And thankfully, this honey whiskey doesn't come off as too syrupy, as do other brands that infuse sweet liqueur into the mix for a cough-syrupy alcoholic goo.

Our bottle was chilled in the Westword beer 'fridge and, served cold, the whiskey is very enjoyable. In fact, the chill may help you handle the surprising sweetness. Given the flavor and sweetness of this new brand, the timing of its release seems perfect -- with summer right around the corner. (For colder months, though, stick to the bitter stuff that gives you a shiver.)

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It's particularly good when mixed with the classic whiskey partner of Coca-Cola. So feel free to give it a heavy pour, because it's five o'clock somewhere.

With all the controversy around alcoholic drinks marketed to young or underage drinkers (see: Four Loko, Sparks, Blast by Colt 45), the thought crossed my mind that this could be the objective here, but after enjoying this whiskey, it's safe to say this is for adult sipping and nothing about the labeling or early marketing shows any sign (i.e. neon, cereal-box like typography) of that, thankfully.

Now for more details, ripped from the press release, for those interested: Hitting shelves early this spring, Tennessee Honey will be available in all U.S. states by this summer in 50 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml and 1-liter bottle sizes. Tennessee Honey will be offered at a suggested retail price of $22 for a 750ml bottle.

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