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Jack-n-Grill brings its burrito bomb to German TV

Just got a call from Jack Martinez, the patriarch at Jack-n-Grill, 2525 Federal Boulevard (and soon, at 2630 West Belleview Avenue in Littleton). Martinez's seven-pound burrito nearly gutted Adam Richman, host of the Travel Channel show Man v. Food, when the TV host stopped by earlier this year to to battle that burrito. (He lost.)

Anyway, it now appears that the joint's seven-pounder is an international sensation -- or at least, a German one. According to Martinez, the hit German cooking show Galileo, which is hosted by a big dude who calls himself Jumbo Schreiner, has plans to send a film crew (and Schreiner) to the new Jack-n-Grill location on Saturday, October 17 for another burrito skirmish. "This is big, this is so cool. I'm so excited," said Martinez.

I'd never heard of Schreiner's show, but I found a few YouTube videos of it, including this one that features footage from Joselito's, a burrito joint in Tujunga, California. Of course, it helps if you speak German.

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Lori Midson
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