Jack-n-Grill brings its burrito bomb to German TV

Just got a call from Jack Martinez, the patriarch at


, 2525 Federal Boulevard (and soon, at 2630 West Belleview Avenue in Littleton). Martinez's seven-pound burrito nearly gutted Adam Richman, host of the Travel Channel show

Man v. Food
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, when the

TV host stopped by earlier this year to to battle that burrito

. (He lost.)

Anyway, it now appears that the joint's seven-pounder is an international sensation -- or at least, a German one. According to Martinez, the hit German cooking show Galileo, which is hosted by a big dude who calls himself Jumbo Schreiner, has plans to send a film crew (and Schreiner) to the new Jack-n-Grill location on Saturday, October 17 for another burrito skirmish. "This is big, this is so cool. I'm so excited," said Martinez.

I'd never heard of Schreiner's show, but I found a few YouTube videos of it, including this one that features footage from Joselito's, a burrito joint in Tujunga, California. Of course, it helps if you speak German.

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