Jax Fish House honors the memory of Marlon Casanova with an upcoming fundraiser.
Jax Fish House honors the memory of Marlon Casanova with an upcoming fundraiser.
Photo courtesy Jax Fish House

Jax Fish House to Honor the Memory of Marlon Casanova With Fundraiser

Jax Fish House and the Truffle Table lost a friend and employee when Marlon Casanova, a New Zealander who had worked at both restaurants for the last year, was killed while walking home after a kitchen shift at the downtown Jax just after midnight on July 31.

Raoul Lanius was charged with murder in the first degree in the stabbing case; he's in custody in the Denver city jail.

The Truffle Table closed on August 5 to remember Casanova; the downtown Jax had done the same on August 2. Now Big Red F, which owns the Jax restaurants, has set up a fund to assist Casanova's family with funeral expenses and legal fees; there's a GoFundMe page set up to help out the family. The Jax at 1539 17th Street will also donate a portion of dinner sales on Thursday, August 24, to the cause. Here's a statement from the restaurant:

Our dear friend and co-worker Marlon Casanova will be missed by so many. The family at Jax Fish House in LoDo has lost one of its own. He exemplified the very culture that our beloved restaurant breeds. He was smart, passionate, funny, dedicated, loving and personable. He exhibited these superlatives and so much more to everyone in his path on a daily basis through his humility, his honesty and his cool and easy going demeanor. His talent and work ethic set the bar for all others to follow. In light of this tragedy, we will be hosting a fundraiser at Jax Fish House Lodo on Thursday, August 24. 40 percent of the proceeds will be going to Marlon Casanova's family to help cover expenses associated with his funeral and tragic passing. Please make plans to stop by that evening. 

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