Jax puts its fin into the wine game

Jax Fish House, which is part of the Big Red F Restaurant Group, has introduced its own wine -- with the help of vintner Sineann, a small winemaker in Yamhill County, Oregon, run by Peter Rosback. That's after Big Red F head honcho Dave Query traveled up and down the West Coast looking something good enough to put Jax's name on.
"Sineann produces some of the best pinot noir in the U.S.," explains Jax Denver GM Adam Reed. "Peter'swines are gems from the northwest and they display the Burgundian varietal with finesse and femininity. We were thrilled when they agreed to craft a wine for us here at Jax."
Jax Pinot Noir is a burgundy described as having "lingering fruits, apricot, lingering red delicious apple skin, cranberry and tart raspberry," as well as spice of star anise and cinnamon, giving it a "lingering finish -- and food-friendly acidity."

And why did Big Red F choose to go with a non-Colorado vintner? "Colorado wine is delicious," Reed says, "and we feature terrific Colorado wines currently on our list and are continually searching for additional productions that fit properly with our concept and cuisine. Both Jax restaurants have great history with Peter and Sineann, so they were a natural fit for our initial production. We look forward to building similar relationships with Colorado wineries, and I love the thought of someday featuring a 'Jax Colorado Cabernet Franc' -- one of the state's strongest varietals."

Jax Pinot Noir is available now at Jax Boulder and Denver for $13 a glass and $52 a bottle. For a more in-depth interpretation of the juice, head to Jax Boulder on June 3 and Jax Denver on June 4 to enjoy a ten-course meal paired with wine from Sineann. Also on hand will be Rosback, who actually made the wine.

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