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Jelly will open a second location in the former Tokyo Joe's space near DU

If you can't snag at seat at Jelly -- and who can? -- the insanely popular breakfast and lunch joint that Christina Smith and Josh Epps opened in early 2011, there's hope on the horizon.

The partners in business -- and life -- have inked a deal to take over the former Tokyo Joe's space at 1700 Evans, near the University of Denver, and this location is twice as large as the original Jelly, which can only accommodate 68 butts, none of which ever seem to want to move on (not that it's easy, considering people in this city are prone to leisurely breakfasts and bloody Marys).

But the new Jelly, which will open in August, is much larger, says Smith. "We've got 102 seats inside, and we'll have an additional fourteen to twenty outside, so it's nearly double the size of our original restaurant, plus we're building a bar that seats ten."

There's only one phrase to capture the magnitude of that revelation: whoo-fucking-hoo!

But Smith notes that the size will be the only major change from Jelly No. 1. "While no two snowflakes are the same, the new Jelly will be essentially the same as our first one," she says. "We'll have the same cereal boxes and the chandeliers; the pink-and-orange color scheme will be carried over to this location; and the menu will remain the same, as well."

David Payne, the exec chef of the Capitol Hill Jelly, will move over to the DU store, which also carries a liquor license. "The owner was nice enough to just transfer it over to us," says Smith, adding that she loves the DU location. "Josh and I had been driving around toying with the idea of opening a second Jelly, and this was the perfect place. We got lucky."

So did the DU 'hood.

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