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So I was cruising around the web's nethers this morning, and what should I stumble across but the BEST CHEF'S ACCESSORY EVER. Or at least the best accessory ever until I find something even cooler.

This meat tenderizer ring made the front page over at Eat Me Daily (which, if you haven't discovered it yet, is an excellent resource for all your more esoteric foodie inclinations), which was where I found it. They'd spotted it on a fashion and design page. And the fashion and design people had, apparently, stumbled across the artist, Ken Goldman, through his flickr stream which displays a couple of his other restaurant-y designs. Without a doubt, the meat tenderizer ring is the most awesome, but he had a couple of other cool ones as well, and I--being the slightly obsessive geek that I am--immediately started scouring the web for other examples of Mr. Goldman's genius. Some of the other examples I found can be seen after the jump.

One thing I didn't find? Any way to get ahold of Goldman to see whether or not his rings are actually for sale.

Its really gonna fuck up my Christmas shopping plans if they're not.

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