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Julie Geller, who wrote a love song to Trader Joe's, will camp out before the store opens

For anyone who loves Trader Joe's, that eclectic California-based supermarket chain, the appearance in early February of the iconic signs on the outside of one of its soon-to-open first stores in Colorado surely caused a few flutters of the heart.

For Trader Joe's superfan -- and local folksinger -- Julie Geller, who penned "I'm Camping Out at Trader Joe's" in honor of the Colorado Boulevard Trader Joe's location earlier this year, the impending opening is reason for an actual camp-out...and a concert.

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"Well, it was bound to happen," she says in an e-mail. "I will actually be camping outside of the Trader Joe's." Specifically, in the parking lot at the corner of Eighth Avenue and Colorado Boulevard, on Thursday, February 13 -- the night before the store, and two others in the metro area, are set to open. (Don't worry, she got permission.)

Before she hits the sack, however, Geller will perform across the street from Trader Joe's at the Steep coffee shop, 4100 East Eighth, at 8 p.m. Tickets are $20 to the concert, and Geller will be joined by David Ross (keyboard), Shanti Hazan (percussion) and Kolby Morris (vocals).

A singer-songwriter who says her mission is "to bring love and healing into the world" through her uplifting music, Geller also made a video for her song, which was shot at twenty locations around Denver, including Denver International Airport, the City & County Building and the Denver Art Museum.

At 10 p.m. that night, she'll head to the store parking lot. At midnight, she's planning to host a "campfire," with hot tea, Trader Joe's goodies and a sing-a-long. You're welcome to join her, she says - and don't forget to bring your instruments.

When the doors to this Trader Joe's open at 8 a.m. on Friday, February 14, Geller plans to be first in line - and she's encouraging others to fall in right behind, to share in the wonders of Trader Joe's. "Plus," she points out, "you'll have a shot of snagging some Cookie Butter before it sells out at 8:01 a.m."

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