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Justice League of Street Food divulges more information about its upcoming secret bash

At 6 p.m. on August 21, seven food trucks will roll into an abandoned lot and throw a party. There will be gyros and gravy fries and cupcakes. There will be booze, provided by the Infinite Monkey Theorem winery and Great Divide Brewing Co. There will be lawn games and myriad forms of entertainment. And then, at 10 p.m., the party will disappear as quickly as it started, leaving the spot vacant until the next bash.

This fete is the work of the newly formed Justice League of Street Food, an alliance of mobile vendors that popped up on Facebook just over a week ago. The group's page has been hyping a street-food party at a downtownish location in Denver that won't be released until the day of the event.

But the people behind the page have been giving alluring clues as to what to expect, introducing the League's members -- Cupcake Truck, Biker Jim's, Steuben's, the Biscuit Bus, Pinche Tacos, Steamin' Demon and the Gastro Cart -- and revealing details about what the night will hold via status update.

Delores Tronco, keeper of the Facebook page and the official spokeswoman for the event, says the group has at least a few more bashes in the works for this location and is exploring the idea of continuing the parties into the winter in another spot. And though the still-secret downtownish lot can hold the league's current roster of vendors (snugly), the league is looking for ways to expand membership and include as much of the mobile-cart scene as possible.

You're going to have to wait to find out where to go on August 21, but in the meantime, the group's Facebook page will be featuring clues and contests inspired by Denver's street food scene -- and we'll join in the fun next week here on Cafe Society, with a way you can win valuable prizes at the party.

And where will that party be? We'll release the location in plenty of time for you to get there....

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