Karl's Deli had a beer garden before beer gardens were trendy...

Did beer gardens exist before hipsters recently discovered them? You're darn Teuton! For more than thirty years -- since before its hometown was officially known as Centennial --

Karl's Deli

has been serving German specialties, including beer, on its front patio overlooking a suburban strip mall.

Christoph Zierhut purchased the place last fall, and he's made a few changes.

For starters, he's now offering free refills of Paulaner on Saturday and Friday, when Karl's stays open until 8 p.m. and also has live music.

And he's added some Austrian specials, including Hungarian goulash (also on Friday), and a wurst platter that changes daily.

Free beer is always good, especially when you're enjoying it out in Colorado's beautiful weather -- but how was the food at Karl's? Find out tomorrow, when Laura Shunk's review is posted here.

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