Kevin Burke v. Denver Magazine, with a twist

As a mixologist, Kevin Burke knows how to pour it on. And yesterday, he was all contrition in his apology to Denver Magazine, the publication that had repeated a bunch of whoppers that Burke, a finalist for the pub's Mixologist of the Year, had fed them for last month's food and drink issue:

I wish to apologize to Ms. Brugeman, the staff of Denver Magazine, and the readers. It was not my intent to mislead about my employment history. My hope is that we can all put this behind us and get back to what it is we all love doing whether that is making drinks or consuming them. Stacey is a talented writer and I look forward to her work in Denver Magazine as well as enjoying her company at my bar.

Stacey Brugeman, Denver Magazine's food editor, had reported the discrepancies in Kevin Burke's resume on Monday, in a piece that inspired plenty of talk around town -- especially at Green Russell and Colt & Gray, where Burke actually does work.

But the most delicious comment of all came from Brugeman's workplace:

This comment was posted at the end of Brugeman's story by Michael Ledwitz, CEO (and many other things) of Denver Magazine:

As Kevin Burke was a finalist for Mixologist of the Year, why would he need to embellish on his past work experiences? Once Stacey Brugeman the Senior Food Editor at Denver Magazine found out about these embellishments, in my opinion how could she not report the facts? If she did not let people know about this, how would one ever trust her? It was Kevin that needs to figure out why he felt as if it were necessary to lie to an entire community about where he has been and what he has done. From what I understand he is a good guy and did not need to do this. I have to tell you as Publisher and Editor in Chief of Denver Magazine, I applaud Stacey for having the audacity to step forward and make it known. JS, seems to me you are obviously a friend of Kevin's and are coming to his aide, which is honorable, but your post make no sense as the story was all about facts from people where he "supposedly" worked. All I will say is, GREAT JOB STACEY! I have nothing further to say on this....

No problem, because this comment really says it all.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.