Kim and Jake's Cakes introduces a cake terrine

Kim and Jake Rosenbarger bake a lot of cakes for special occasions, but they're just as likely to give customers a reason to come into their Boulder confectionery to enjoy dessert for no occasion at all.

At Kim and Jake's Cakes, 641 South Broadway, the couple has offered treats since they opened in May: cupcakes and cake by the slice in classic flavors, like red velvet, and signature flavors, which include several takes on classic cocktails. The pair also experiments with other ways to put cake and frosting together in nontraditional ways, and now they've added a new dessert invention to the daily menu: the cake terrine.

To make it, they blend cake down and then add a combination of things like frosting, juice, alcohol, fruit and coconut, setting the mixture in a mold before layering it with an icing center and then cutting slices. The result is a dense and decadent dessert that eats like a brownie, except that it comes in flavors like rum caramel coconut or vanilla with strawberry and buttercream.

Served cold, it's a refreshing alternative to the cupcakes we've been consuming for the past couple of years. We also bet it would be good for an indulgent breakfast.

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