Kitchen flood temporarily closes Glazed and Confuzed, less than a week after shop opened

After months of delays, the owners of Glazed and Confuzed, the popular doughnut purveyor, finally opened the doors of their first brick-and-mortar location on Friday the 13th. But the real bad luck lay ahead: On June 19, after a much-needed day off, they showed up at the shop at 5301 Leetsdale "only to find our entire kitchen is flooded." See also: First look at Glazed and Confuzed, now open on Leetsdale They scrambled to find repair people and the right city departments to sign off on those repairs, as well as a substitute kitchen where they could make doughnuts for their regular appearance at Saturday's Cherry Creek Farmers' Market and Sunday's Stapleton market. And on Sunday, June 22, they posted this regarding their re-re-reopening: "Store Update kitchen is dry!!! We just need to get an a ok Monday morning to start cooking."

When they get that okay, they promise some new flavors, including hybrid doughnut from chef Josh Schwab. Watch for it, and that re-re-reopening announcement. For more updates, follow the Glazed and Confuzed Facebook page.

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