Kitchen Next Door Now Offering Brunch at All Three Locations — Including Union Station

Happy Doors Open Denver! Today and tomorrow, you can tour dozens of historic and architectural marvels around Denver....but you might want to eat at home before you head downtown, because the brunch lines are long. Snooze at Union Station — where Doors Open Denver is headquartered — is on a two-hour wait, and lines are beginning to form outside the Mercantile

But wait on that wait! As of this morning, the three Kitchen Next Door locations in Colorado will be offering brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., "celebrating the late bird." And those locations are: 1035 Pearl Street in Boulder, 658 South Colorado Boulevard in Glendale and, yes, 1701 Wynkoop  Street — in Union Station. 

That should give you just enough time to take a quick tour — you can find the complete Doors Open Denver schedule here. Or if you want to wait for Snooze, you've got time for a round-trip ride to Denver International Airport. The A Line train is free today; catch it at Union Station or any of the six other stops along the way to DIA.

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