Kolache Cabin setting up shop at Alameda and Santa Fe

There's good news for Coloradans passionate about their pastry: Kolache Cabin, a "drive-thru" kolache vendor, has set up camp at the intersection of West Alameda and Santa Fe Drive, and promises to be in business in "just a few more days." Bringing a whole new meaning to "food truck," Kolache Cabin is a small, wooden wheeled cabin hitched to the back of a red pickup, currently parked in an empty lot at the busy intersection. See also: Five restaurant concepts I'd love to see in Denver

The kolache, a traditional Slovak and Czech pastry roll combining puffed dough and fruit, was brought to this country by immigrants. It took particular hold in communities in Texas and the Midwest, where it is now filled with everything from eggs and ham to hot peppers.

The teaser menu currently hanging on the Kolache Cabin previews mouthwatering breakfast and lunch varieties such as Denver omelette, sloppy joes and BBQ pulled pork.

This isn't the first time the Eastern European treat has appeared in the area. Lakewood previously boasted the only Colorado franchise of the Texas Kolache Factory chain. (Westword named it Denver's Best Meal in a Bun in 2008.) That outlet closed its doors last June, promising fans that a new location would open soon -- but that never materialized.

Fortunately, those of us with a kolache-shaped hole in our hearts may soon find it filled again.

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