Komanawanaleia at Earls

What would Chelsea Handler do? I'm a huge fan of Chelsea, and recently saw her at a benefit performance for NewGenesis, a wonderful organization that provides a transitional community for the homeless ( Although I'm not nearly as funny as Chelsea, we have other things in common. For example, we both have many horrific dating stories, although hers are much funnier and bawdier than mine (and her audience much larger); we both love vodka, though her favorite is Grey Goose (I prefer Ketel One). In honor of that shared affection, after the show I headed straight from the Paramount to Earls to consume some vodka. Chelsea would no doubt appreciate the name of the drink I chose, the Komanawanaleia ($6), made with Stoli vodka, fresh lime, agave nectar, fresh pineapple and muddled mint. I'm guessing it has too many calories for a Hollywood star, but it was quite delicious for this Denver girl. I'm pretty sure that Chelsea would also have approved of Earls' male-to-female ratio, which was at least three to one. Many of my male friends say they patronize this bar just because the women hired by Earls are so beautiful, and I didn't see a single server, male or female, who was less than an 8. One of those beautiful servers walked by holding a drink that looked just as good, and I ordered one for my next cocktail. The Frozen Mojito ($6) made with Appleton rum, citrus concentrate, lemonade and mint tasted like frozen Wrigley's gum, and I'm so stuck on it that if I ever write a book, I may call it Are You There, Rum? It's Me, Nancy.

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Nancy Levine
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