Landmark rates the New York Times

The Landmark project in Greenwood Village is still waiting for some of its tenants to appear, but the New York Times didn't wait to salute the development. In a November 9 story headlined "A Luxury Development Thrives in Denver," the paper asked "why is this project doing so well while elsewhere others have floundered?"

Location, location, location. Southeast Denver has been short on spots for empty-nesters to settle in the 'burbs (Landmark's second residential tower should be finished in December), and all those empty-nesters have to eat somewhere beside their pricey new kitchens.

Lucy, for example, which opened last month in the new Comedy Works South, and Jing, which has been packing in crowds since last December, and which Jason Sheehan reviewed positively early this year. There's also a Hapa Sushi, a Ted's Montana Grill and a Slattery's. And there are more to come, as Sheehan reported in his "Lime finally squeezes" Bite Me that inspired a couple of overheated heated comments from Landmark fans.

Lime is hoping to get its doors open this month, and while Chinook -- which gave up its longtime Cherry Creek home this summer -- isn't moving that fast, the Georg family could set a date soon.

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