Larkburger now using 100 percent all-natural wind power

Larkburger is making a name for itself with such menu items as hand-cut fries seasoned with parmesan and truffle oil -- but Larkburger president Adam Baker hopes that with the switch to wind power for 100 percent of its energy use, the company will also become known for its eco-friendly philosophy.

The fast gourmet burger joint that got its start in 2006 in Edwards and opened a second location in Boulder this spring (read Jason Sheehan's review here) has always touted its use of compostable disposables and environmentally friendly decor items, such as paneling made with reclaimed Monterey Cypress. "Switching to wind power was a real easy decision to make," Baker says. "We want to be as progressive as possible. We try to make good decisions and this fit right in."

Renewable Choice Energy Inc. of Boulder, a wind-power broker, sells Larkburger energy credits that the energy company buys from wind farms around the country, including some in Colorado. Officially, Larkburger was been buying energy credits since September, but Baker says the company retro-paid back to March.

"We try to be mindful of our environment and will use wind power for any possible future locations as well," Baker says.

The decision to use a renewable energy source exclusively may fit Larkburger's business philosophy, but wind power is also more expensive. Still, Baker sees those initial costs as a necessary precursor to making wind energy more affordable. "The expense is a little more but not a whole lot." he explains. "If we have to pay a premium for it so it will eventually come down, I don't mind. We pay a premium for better ingredients; we can pay a premium for a better power source."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.