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Last chance for a shot at Sheehan (or at least his signature)

I am to the point where I am literally counting down the days before I bail out of the Mile High City for the sea-level thrills of Seattle. And yet, I still have details that need seeing to, last things that need to be done, promises that need to be fulfilled before I show this town my taillights and light out for Salmonland.

One of those things? A final book-signing. Pretty much the minute the news broke that I was leaving, Nina Else from Who Else! Books at the Broadway Book Mall got a hold of me and asked if I could drop by for one last event. And because I love books, bookstores (particularly small and independent ones), and the people who run them, I of course said yes.

So this is it, folks. Last chance (at least in the immediate future) for you to pick up a copy of Cooking Dirty and get it signed by yours truly. Last chance to tell me to my face what a knucklehead you think I've been for the past eight years, how I've ruined food writing forever, how glad you are that I will soon be gone, gone, gone...

The details are thus: Wednesday, January 6, Broadway Book Mall (200 South Broadway), 7 p.m. 'til everyone is served or my autographing hand falls off, whichever comes first. I know Nina ordered in a bunch of books for this thing, and I'd really like to get them all sold for her, so let's help the lady out, okay? And then, after the formalities are done, I'm hoping to maybe shift the party to a more amenable location (read: one with booze) and have a little party with whoever feels like coming.

Sound like a plan? Good. I hope to see you all there.

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