Lazy dog-day afternoons are perfect for hanging out at the Irish Hound

Happy Place:Irish Hound, 575 Saint Paul Street, 303-996-0709.

The Hours: Monday through Friday from 3 to 7 p.m.

The Deals: $2-4 beer specials; $3.50 well drinks, house wines, and Jameson; $3.50 appetizer specials.

Were we happy? Flip the page to find out.

The Digs: The Irish Hound resides north of the Cherry Creek shopping mecca in a quiet neighborhood around the corner from Barolo Grill. A child of the Little Pub Company, the convivial pub is supremely chill during the day and bustles with beer-guzzling sports fans at night. The kitchen serves food at every hour, and there are multiple big screen televisions for those looking to catch a game. It also flaunts a small patio, plenty of seating, and a shuffleboard and pool area, making it all the ideal gathering place for just about everyone.

The Verdict: We found ourselves at the Irish Hound on a lazy dog-day afternoon seated at a table near the large windows that face the patio. It was surprisingly busy for a Monday afternoon, but our server brought us our cocktails in a timely fashion. The best part about the happy hour at the Irish Hound? Pint glasses of Jameson cocktails for under four bucks. The worst part of happy hour at the Irish Hound? Pint glasses of Jameson cocktails for under four bucks.

The happy hour food at the Hound is nothing to write home about, but we do like to nosh on the corned beef and cabbage rolls, soft fried pockets of Irish goodness dripping in grease and served with small sides of spicy mustard and horseradish. They're a good option, especially since the other choices are fairly mediocre: the waffle fries were under-seasoned and the chicken wings, dry and stringy. And while the service at the Irish Hound is friendly, it's occasionally slow, especially when the bar is bumping; take note that it can take a long time to flag down a server or a tender.

Overall Grade: B

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