Leftovers: Chew on these comments posted on Cafe Society last week

Cafe Society posts provided plenty to chew on last week -- from whether kids should be welcome at nice restaurants to whether a bar can be too nice to be a dive.

Our list of "Denver's five best dive bars" inspired this definition from Stealth2:

Dive bar: a "new" bar discovered by hipsters that isn't shiny, clean and new. Also known simply as "the bar" by the regulars who will soon be forced out when the owner notices the sudden popularity, hires that young, hip bartender with the tattoos (usually a female) to make them feel at ease and restocks the jukebox

Monopod offered this view of taking a toddler to Frasca

It sounds like Joel did what a parent should do - assessed whether his child was ready for the experience, planned accordingly (early dinner time), and kept an eye on the situation as it developed, which resulted in a successful dinner for his family that in no way detracted from the other diners' experiences. How can that possibly be a problem for anyone? Does the mere existence of a person shorter than everyone else, no matter how well-behaved, disrupt the other diners' experience? We can all agree that a toddler who can't behave appropriately shouldn't be at Frasca, but I can't see why a perfectly well-behaved little man or lady doesn't belong.

As for writing about Frasca and other Boulder restaurants too often, Rain had this to say:

I used to think that Boulderites were provincial and not interested in going to Denver, but I see it's just as bad the other way 'round. Maybe worse.

Boulder is not "almost an hour from Denver", it's about 25 minutes from downtown. Depends on where you're starting and ending, I guess, but an hour? No.

I find it refreshing that Laura Shunk is willing to review places north of I-70. In the past, it felt like it was damned near impossible to get a Westword review of anything north of Evans.

Bon Appetit named Boulder "Foodiest Town in America", so maybe Boulder has earned a little local attention? Good thing Bon Appetit didn't care about driving a few extra miles....

The start of Veggie Girl's piece on Garbanzo got the gag reflex from GFTW:

"In an ideal world, we'd all cook seasonally and locally, procuring our ingredients from farmers' markets -- and when we dined out, we'd eat only at local, independently owned restaurants."

What absolute drivel.

And DaveBarnes was no fonder of the latest In the Weeds:

"You're right: Sometimes I suck as a server, too". But, you always suck as a writer.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.