Lenny's on Lincoln offers curbside service

Lenny's on Lincoln offers curbside service

The staffers at Lenny's Sub Shop at 726 Lincoln Street watch a lot of traffic roll by their windows every day, especially at rush hour, when that traffic rolls very slowly.

So what did these enterprising sandwich makers do? They set up a little curbside stand where a Lenny's employee will hand off sub orders to anyone who calls ahead. The only problem: after two weeks, they have yet to see a customer there.

But no matter: The Lenny's crew is too upbeat to care. Besides, the manager believes she'll start seeing some business eventually, especially in the mornings, since Lenny's offers a wide range of breakfast sandwiches.

Lenny's a large Tennessee-based chain with only four spots in the metro area, but the Lincoln Street outpost is only one with a curbside stand - basically a rolling valet stand with a sign. And while some restaurant chains, like Ruby Tuesday and Outback Steakhouse, have offered curbside service for a while, most of those have a parking lot.

Lenny's, on the other hand, has a single parking meter out in front where the stand is set up, and if the curbside service eventually takes off, it could be a real traffic stopper.


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