Let the breakfast burrito wars begin!

In this corner -- weighing in at seven pounds (if you're going for the official Big Burrito challenge, as Adam Richman did on a recent episode of Man v. Food), or a more reasonable pound or so, if you just want to grab a breakfast burrito when the place opens at 7 a.m. -- is Jack-n-Grill, Jack Martinez's New Mexican joint that's been drawing the crowds to 2524 Federal Boulevard for a decade now.

And in the other corner -- across the street at 2505 Federal -- is Santiago's XII, which opened this weekend, complete with a makeshift drive-thru. This shop, which moved from West 38th Avenue, is a link in a homegrown chain that's been spilling across the metro area like beer on a Saturday night -- except that none of the Santiago's outposts have a liquor license. But they do have tidy, to-go breakfast burritos that won over Gustavo Arelleno when he visited town last year, and a green chile that won Best Green Chile honors in the Best of Denver 2009 -- taking the crown from longtime winner Jack-n-Grill.

Let the breakfast burrito wars begin!

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