Let the Chips Fall

In the next Bite Me, you can read all about the rest of the Best of Denver. But in the meantime, I have a major correction on the Best Free Chips and Salsa. I gave the award to Los Carboncitos, which definitely has the Best Free Salsa. Just one problem: Los Carboncitos doesn't serves chips. Not for love or money. Never has, not at either location.

Still, Los Carboncitos does serve incredible salsas -- four varieties, brought free to every table. They're meant to be used as condiments, slathered across everything on the menu -- except chips, of course, of which there are none. The fact that I would sit there pulling apart tortillas or tearing the ends off my huaraches in order to sop up every drop of salsa does not change that.

So, okay. I fucked up. Los Carboncitos' award should be for Best Free Salsa; I'll discuss my back-up choice in Bite Me. And in the meantime, the readers chose Benny's for Best Free Chips and Salsa, and that's always a good bet. -- Jason Sheehan


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