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We're at Katie Mullen's for the official release of Jason Sheehan's book, Cooking Dirty, and get this: There are actual people here! And they have his book! And they want him to sign it! And someone just took a picture of him!

Perhaps this shouldn't be surprising, but it's always strange when people fawn over someone you know to be so regular -- even if they are that booze-swilling, chain-smoking, otherwordly-talented Rochester kind of regular.

Anyway, since Sheehan has heretofore been entirely unknown to most of his fans, we thought we'd ask some of them for their first impressions. So far, we have:

From a super nice lady: "I thought he'd be taller. He talks about how tall he is. OK, he's tall for an Irishman ..."

From a little Irish guy signing books: "I feel so fucking uncomfortable right now. You have no idea."

From a quite-cute scientist lady who I inadvertently implied was dumb. To her face. She actually seems quite smart: "I expected lots of tattoos and stuff. He seems like a really nice family guy. I didn't expect that."

A very friendly fanboy: "I pictured him taller. And balder. I pictured more of a Jeffrey Steingarten-type." (Word to the wise: It's a toup).

A very excited fan reported that she expected him to be fat until she saw his picture on this blog, but after that she expected him to be hotter. Ain't that a kick in the junk.

Managing Editor Jonathan Shikes reports "Jesus. Sheehan has incredibly long nose hairs. How do those things not get in the way when he is 'eating' at what purports to be haute cuisine in this cow-fuckin-town. Anyway, maybe if the guy came into the office once in a while I'd know what he looks like. His feet are really small. I hate cheesesteaks."

Random human Marisol Brubaker reports..."Yummy. Looks like he has a nice package, too." (Random human = Sheehan's wife).

The author of this live blog: "I, for one, am very surprised that Sheehan is not black. If this is Sheehan, who's the guy I always say hi to in the bathroom?"

From Chris, who apparently was Sheehan's roommate in college: "His hair's a lot shorter. A lot shorter." Which begs the question: Sheehan went to college?

Guy Named Ron. Or Maybe Tom: "I was expecting the fedora pulled low, the dark glasses, and the full dining bib. Remarkably, he seems like a shockingly normal and reasonable human being."

And that seems like a logical place to leave things off. This whole thing is sort of strange, sort of surreal, so it makes sense to end with a guy who found Sheehan totally normal -- the most strange, surreal observation of all. Because while we're all really proud of him, and really happy of him, and super fucking jealous of him, we all agree:

That dude is not normal. Not even close.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.