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Loaves n Ladles abruptly shutters its sandwich and soup operation in Bonnie Brae

Loaves n Ladles, which opened this summer in the former Fisher Clark Deli space at 723 South University Boulevard, shuttered abruptly on Monday, leaving nothing behind in the long, narrow quarters previously stocked with deli meats and cheeses, soups, carry-out items and baked goods.

According to an employee of the Saucy Noodle, its next door neighbor, the deli was doing trade last Saturday, but as of Monday morning, the space was dark, which, says the employee, came as a surprise to the landlord, Harry Sterling, who apparently had no inkling that Loaves n Ladles owners Laurie Page and Stacy Irwin we're packing up and moving out.

A call to Loaves n Ladles resulted in a voicemail recording that would make you believe it's still open -- and taking orders for the holidays -- but the website has been pulled, and frankly, the sandwiches sucked.

When I interviewed the joint's promotions manager, Nina Stajcar, back in May, she insisted that the "whole goal is to accessorize what we have and just make it better." But it never came close to the quality that Mary Clark, the sensational baker and chef who ran Fisher Clark Deli, had insisted upon. Even worse, the stench of cheap perfume permeated the space.

So, here's some advice to the next occupants: keep the cologne at home.

And a wish: the 'hood needs a great taco joint.

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Lori Midson
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