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Local star chefs Jennifer Jasinski and Max MacKissock tie the knot

Last weekend, Jennifer Jasinski and Max MacKissock, two of Denver's best -- and most beloved -- chefs got hitched in California. Jasinski, who owns Euclid Hall, Bistro Vendome and Rioja, where she's the executive chef, and MacKissock, the exec chef of the Squeaky Bean, met several years ago, and the two kitchen magicians were joined by fellow chefs, cook, partners and managers from all four restaurants last Saturday when they tied the knot, barefoot, on a beach in Santa Barbara, Jasinski's home town.

Who made the pilgrimage? Johnny Ballen, Steve Gallic and Josh Olsen, all from the Squeaky Bean; Jasinski's business partner (and maid of honor) Beth Gruitch; Dana Rodriguez, exec chef of Bistro Vendome; Jorel Pierce, exec chef of Euclid Hall; Ken Frank, chef/owner of La Toque, a Michelin-stared restaurant in Napa; Jeff Hermanson and Joe Vostrejs, the brass behind Larimer Associates; and local restaurant consultant John Imbergamo.

The couple held their reception at the Cabrillo Pavilion on the beach in Santa Barbara, and the food -- Peking duck, butternut squash ravioli with brown butter, squash blossoms, oysters and Santa Barbara spot prawns -- was the work of chef and caterer Jennifer Naylor, who's also a close friend of Jasinski's.

Jasinski and MacKissock are currently on their honeymoon, mountain biking and dining their way around Italy and soaking up the beach scene in Greece.


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