Lola offers shelter from the storm -- and a taste of home

Last night Belola, the lower lounge space at Lola with the bar and big TV, became an impromptu haven for displaced travelers, stuck in Denver and hungry for news of home -- and maybe some food and drink, too.

The camaraderie proved so comforting that Lola is now officially offering shelter from the storm:

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Starting this evening (the restaurant opens at 4 p.m.), and continuing for as long as people are stranded, anyone who comes to Lola with an out-of-state ID and a post-dated airline ticket or boarding pass will receive food and drink specials (extended happy hour), as well as a special spot in Belola, CNN on the TV for updates, and a soft shoulder -- or at least soft cushion -- on which to lay their weary heads.

"We are hopeful that offering people a comfortable, no-pressure environment will help ease some of the strain of being stranded, away from home, friends and family," says Jason Fitzgerald, spokesman for Big Red F, which owns Lola. "If we end up with a handful of people who are all in the same situation, we are happy to be part of the process of helping them through this trying time."

Any non-stranded people are welcome in Belola, too...although the Hurricane Sandy deals are only extended to those who've been hit by the storm. To reach Lola, call 720-570-8686.

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