Pick up bottled TruBucha or visit the taproom in Lone Tree.EXPAND
Pick up bottled TruBucha or visit the taproom in Lone Tree.
Courtesy TruBucha

TruBucha Offers a Taproom Experience Without the Booze

For Marc Gaudreault, brewing kombucha at home was just a stress release and something fun to do. But once his neighbors sampled it and told him he should sell it, the seed was planted and he plotted a course of bringing his kombucha to the public. “I’d been drinking kombucha for ten years; I was intrigued by it, so I wanted to see what would happen if I went into making it myself,” Gaudreault recalls.

In 2016, the master brewer launched TruBucha, producing fresh and interesting kombucha flavors that are constantly changing: passion fruit, guava, Citra hops, sweet basil, tart cherry, lavender lemon, blueberry and many more. In fact, there are 24 flavors on tap at the Lone Tree taproom, which opened in 2017. Gaudreault says that the kombucha taproom offers the fun, community feel of a brewery, only without the alcohol. “There’s a lot of people that don’t want to go to a bar because they don’t want to be around alcohol,” he notes.

At TruBucha, customers can expect many of the same happenings as at a brewery: live music, painting classes, yoga and visiting food trucks.

Blend your favorite TruBucha flavors for something new.EXPAND
Blend your favorite TruBucha flavors for something new.
Courtesy TruBucha

And like a neighborhood craft brewery, the tanks and kombucha making are visible to guests inside the 1,200-square-foot space. It's a welcoming destination for families and non-drinkers from all over Colorado, Gaudreault points out.

“We knew we would draw customers from a good distance with such a niche and a specialty like this,” he adds. TruBucha is sold at thirty farmers' markets each week throughout the Front Range farmers' market season, so word has gotten out to many towns and suburbs beyond Lone Tree.

Inside the taproom, customers can design their own kombucha by mixing flavors. During the summer months, popular blends include cucumber-lemon-mint and watermelon-mint, both made with fresh mint leaves.

Gaudreault says he's constantly changing his kombucha offerings and trying new things because customers always want variety. “We use different types of teas, and we’ll use other types of sugar, like maple syrup or honey, to try to come up with something completely unique,” he explains.

Visit TruBucha to taste the latest brews at 10047 Park Meadows Drive in Lone Tree. The taproom is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday. For more information, call 303-515-6500 or visit the TruBucha website.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.