Los Parceros Closes Temporarily, Making Colombian Cuisine Even Harder to Find

Los Parceros, the brightly colored Colombian restaurant at 5922 East Colfax Avenue, has been the only Colombian eatery in the city for a long time. It was almost enough for us: We're fans of the big, filling tamales wrapped in banana leaves — and of the "chiva" party bus that owner Joaquin Contreras parks out front, attracting customers with its yellow, red and blue paint job that mimics the flag of Contreras's homeland.

But Los Parceros closed at the end of last week for extensive kitchen and electrical-system overhauls. The restaurant's Facebook page notes that the restaurant plans to reopen on March 30. Los Parceros had been serving Denver's Colombian and South American community and fans of international soccer since 2013.

Fortunately, there's a newcomer in town to help fill the gap: Antojitos Colombianos recently opened at 6625 Leetsdale Drive, in a nearly invisible strip-mall corner just east of South Monaco Parkway. Until we see the party bus return to East Colfax, this is the only option for homesick Colombians.

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