Love him, or hate him, Guy Fieri is prancing around Denver

In case you haven't heard, Guy Fieri, the bleached-blond, back-of-the-head-sunglass-obsessed Food Network TV personality that foodniks love to loathe, is prancing around Denver, his film crew on his heels. He's here, of course, to film footage for Triple D, otherwise known as Diners, Drive-ins and Dives -- and it's not the first time he's been to the Mile High City.

In 2010, he hit up Steuben's, the Bagel Deli, Sam's No. 3, Bang!, Tocabe and Foolish Craig's Cafe in Boulder.

This outing?

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So far, he's paid visits to the Denver Biscuit Company, Fat Sully's and Prohibition -- all on East Colfax -- and then he made his way over to the Highland 'hood, no doubt regaling the crew at Highland Tavern, where I once had a fantastic pork knuckle sandwich.

His schedule, however, isn't complete: according to our spies, he's also planning to feed his piehole at Hops & Pie, where he should also plan to spend a few hours at the bar knocking back a few craft beers.

Oh, and we also know that he was plied with a ton of cupcakes yesterday -- hand delivered, even! -- from Porche Lovely, the owner of Church of Cupcakes, on Colfax.

If you see Guy sauntering around town, send us your photos. We'll probably deface them, but maybe not.

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