Lovely Confections hits the big time (sorta)

Leave it to those trend sniffers at the New York Times to jump on a fad that had already begun to get stale a year ago and now declare it the next big thing. Leave it to the NYT to somehow insult every city that isn't New York or L.A. while giving them backhanded compliments that seem dragged out by force. Leave it to the NYT to fall for the (my guess is Jesse Morreale-inspired) hype and actually call that quasi-gentrified section of Colfax Avenue around Mezcal and Goosetown and the Bluebird Theater the "Blue Bird District."

But also, leave it to the NYT to cast a big ol' national spotlight on one of our square-state, "Blue Bird" locals, Ms. Porche Lovely (yeah, that's her real name) of Lovely Confections--the cupcake bakery at Steele and Colfax.

LC got both the big front photo and the entire second page of the Times's coverage of cupcakeries nationwide -- essentially getting held up against confectionary heavyweights like Sprinkles (out of Beverly Hills) and Magnolia Bakery (of Sex and the City fame), and then being grouped alongside the online cupcake retailer delleicious.com and Toot Sweet Cupcakes in Austin. All things considered, Lovely came out pretty well. And I, for one, never knew she'd done time as a Food Network prep cook before deciding to sling cakes in the Mile High.

You can check out the entire NYT piece on cupcakes and those who love them, but if you're just looking for the LC name-check, skip ahead to page two.

And next time you find yourself in the "Blue Bird" District, be sure to stop in and show Lovely a little love. From what I hear, her all-scratch, local and organic cupcakes really are some of the best in town.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.