Mad about minimum wage? A reader wishes there was this much outrage over CEO pay

Fast-food workers struck around the globe yesterday, including at two Denver-area McDonald's locations, demanding an increase in the minimum wage -- to $15 an hour in this country.

Do fast-food workers deserve $15 an hour? With Labor Day looming, more than a hundred readers weighed in on that question yesterday.

See also: Fast Feud -- five reasons why fast-food workers deserve $15 an hour.

Says Alex Feigelson:

I wish there were this much outrage over CEO salaries and bonuses. And gosh, I hope Zipper's mommy comes to fetch him from the daycare soon.

Read all of the other responses on the $15 question here. And for more on the subject, watch this video of Robert Reich from moveon.org:

What do you think the minimum wage should be? And which restaurant workers most deserve a raise?

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