Makan Malaysian Cafe: a taste of this week's review

It doesn't matter whether you brine and cook the bird yourself, pick one up from Whole Foods or hand a bottle of bubbly to the friend who invited you over for the feast. Regardless of who does the holiday cooking, chances are good that before your alarm rings on Monday, you'll have seen enough turkey, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce to lull your tastebuds into a permanent tryptophan slumber. Short of tossing all those leftovers, here's a way to end the food coma: Pack up Aunt Marge and those rowdy nephews and head to Makan Malaysian Cafe.

Launched in June by Karen Wee Lin Tan Beckman, a native of Malaysia, and her husband, Corey Beckman, this fledgling restaurant in Platt Park is attempting to do what few ethnic eateries have dared. Rather than neutering dishes to eliminate unfamiliar ingredients or spices, as happens at many Thai, Indian and Chinese restaurants, it is serving authentic Malaysian fare, in all its fishy and highly spiced glory....

Hungry to know more? Read the full review of Makan Malaysian Cafe here.

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