Making Raves

I’ve been raving about Jeff “Maestro” Hughes, a violinist whose music mixes hip-hop sensibilities with classical technique, since I first clicked on his website . But you can catch him in person Thursday, May 1 at the Denver Food Rave, which promises plenty of other tasty entertainment, including a fourteen-model fashion show, other live performances samples from Elegant Catering and M&D’s Cafe, which has been dishing up great barbecue for more than thirty years.

Dondrae Mills, who owns Eventizm.com and organized this first Food Rave, hasn't been around long enough to eat M&D's barbecue from the beginning, but he knows a good thing when he sees it. Or hears it. Or eats it. In fact, Eventizm.com is a spinoff of a catering company. “You name it — as part of a catering company, I’ve been there," he says. "Now we do creative events.”

Events like this one, which Mills hopes will turn into a series. “We want to do this every three months,” he says. “Different performers, different chefs, different venues.” And very likely different prices, because the debut night at the Loft, 821 22nd Street, is a real deal: just $5, so that as many people as possible can get a taste of what Mills has in mind for the city.

To get your ticket in advance, click here. -- Patricia Calhoun

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