Malt Advocate names Stranahan's "Artisan Whisky of the Year"

It's about time that Stranahan's American Whiskey get the recognition it deserves. Yes, it's a relatively young distillery -- but young or not, Stranahan's kicks ass.

While the first year or so of production was a little hot, I've done a lot of "quality testing" of Stranahan's and, in my humble opinion, it's the best small-batch American whiskey in production today -- and Malt Advocate agrees.

The sixteenth annual Malt Advocate Whisky Awards were just announced, and Stranahan's was honored as the "2009 Artisan Whisky of the Year."

According to Malt Advocate publisher John Hansell, the all-malt Stranahan's resembles a single malt scott in some ways, with a hint of bourbon character. All in all, it's "an example of the right way to do artisan distilling," he says on the Malt Advocate blog.

The official awards list will appear in the spring issue of Malt Advocate. In the meantime, find more info on Stranahan's -- including where you can buy it -- at

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Nancy Levine
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